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This just happened (Marble Hornets)
09-11-2011, 03:23 AM
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Rainbow This just happened (Marble Hornets)
A Marble Hornets role play by Nicole and Teal. Staring Teal as Tim and Nicole as goofy-but-loveable Jay.


Tomorrow. Chooses.
01001010 01100001 01111001 00100111 01110011 00100000 01100110 01100001 01100011 01100101

Three dull thuds preceded one sickening crack. After 32 tedious viewings, the sound still didn't quite register. Rather, he refused to allow it to for fear of losing the war he was faring against nausea. Jay reached out quickly and paused the tape. The still image of this person he once knew standing silhouetted over a warm corpse took over his screen and casted a hollow light in the dark hotel compartment. Jay stared. No amount of reviewing this god-forsaken footage would provide a peace of mind. A few days prior, he cursed his retreat his knowing self had committed after pursuing Alex into Rosswood. Now, after knowing the fate he would have faced at the hand of his friend, he cursed himself for entering the park to begin with.

A moment of sanity. Even from the narrow crack of the hotel window's blind, Tim could see the sick anguish on Jay's face. The other man watched the video over and over again, to the point that he must have had every sound and image burned permanently into his memory. Still, whether he was aware of it or not, Jay jumped in his seat four times with every viewing; Tim didn't need sound to know what hewas watching. He andtheothers had promised Jay this was the bset par.tB ut there wasmore-
ringing. tape clenched in fist, Tim pulled
over. over. over.

turnaround. somethingtoshowyou.

33rd viewing, Alex straddled the unconscious soul. With unmistakable intention, he slowly raised the hellish block above his head until velocity kicked in with Alex's muscles to- Jay forced the head of his laptop down with enough thrust to cause himself to jump from the noise.

Darkness. It was welcoming juxtaposed to the pain the light had in store for him. He would have been dead- should have been. How many more did he cause demise to fall upon as scapegoats. He kept his hand on the laptop, unmoving, tearing his thoughts to focus solely on his breathing. He was breathing. He was still alive. Though, the deeper he dug into the tomb of the lost seven months, he began to wonder /how/ he was alive. Was this purgatory? Why was he still struggling? No, shut up Jay. You've come this far. Jessica, she couldn't have been a figment. The hotel, certainly not. The terror and fight response he felt when he turned around that day in the hotel to find-
Movement at the window. Jay jolted from his distraught meditation, eyes fixated on the dim shadows peering in through the unfortunate slit in the unfortunate blinds of the unfortunate room.

Tim shook in silent mirth as Jay startled at the light from a passing car. Somehow, the travel was still wearing hard on the other man - Tim had forgotten discomfort long ago, or has perhaps stopped feeling it. Therewere more important thingsss

Like keeping his head together. The mask made it worse. It possessed him, sent his thoughts veering out and refracting back in, until he was infinitely omniscient and infinitely unable to understand: the price of knowledge these days. It wasn't as bad for the others, whose masks were less worn and trials less dangerous. One of the twins who had tried to help him take down Alex had fled as soon as they feltHimHehad seen
ch worse. Jay, realizing his harmless fear, was not staring blankly at the window, consumed with his thoughts. He had the look of a man who knew he shouldn't have lived. Tim saw that look every time he glanced in a mirror. It didn't happen often. Clenching the tape case so hard that it bit into his hand, Tim slid down from the dresser. The hard, sturdy plastic anchored him. He came a few feet closer, then stopped. There was a better-than-good chance that Jay would run as soon as he realized he had a visitor. Sitting on the bed, he allowed the creaking springs to announce his presence.

The light passed, returning the room to mere ambiguous figures melting in and out of his perception. Jay allowed his shoulders to lower, but the tension remained. Every noise, every motion played as a facade of death in the eyes of a man that defied death for the nth time. He never tore them from the window; from that slit revealing the outside world. What was out there anymore? Was the Earth still turning? Moving forward as a whole, blissfully ignorant to the lonely soul gazing out upon it from the void of the room? For a brief heavy moment, Jay felt the sheer weight of his solitude, wondering what could be seen in his eyes of what was left of a soul. They may have been void of soul, but they were heavy regardless. He was looking forward to crawling into-

The bed creaked. Jay didn't know how, but in one swift motion he found himself back against the wall perpendicular to himself and the bed, and the terrifyingly familiar figure sitting on it.
A synapse fired enough to remind Jay where the escape was located. Too bad it was through the masked entity. One chance. He's sitting. Jay was standing. Surely he could launch himself with enough thrust to make it past the malevolent guest and to freedom. Jay's legs tingled under the raw adrenaline. A beat. Jay lunged.

Jay had come only a few feet away from him before noticing his visitor. Elegant as ever, Jay lurched back and slammed into the wall, scrabbling for something to attack with, some way to get out. He was unlucky; Tim has already swept the room for magnalites. Tim opened his mouth to speak, but the gesture was lost behind the mask. Trying to calm the man, Tim lifted his hands in the universal gesture: no weapons, only peace. Yet he'd been too slow; as he turned his palms towards Jay, the other sprang forward, darted past him, and hit the hotel door, hard. Tim had barely stood up when Jay managed to turn the deadbolt and throw the door open, all cameras, tapes, and possessions forgotten in the mad drive to get away.

The last time Tim had come after Jay, Jay had grabbed the tapes and even managed to attack. But this time was different. Jay had seen someone he'd thought he'd know, thought he'd once trusted, kill another living being in a fit over almost supernatural rage. Tim could hardly blame him - still, he found the idea of a chase a nuisance. He tore off, running the best that he could on a leg that had never properly healed, and probably never would. Jay had the head start, but didn't have Tim's sheer, primal determination, and Tim soon began to gain on him. The hotel halls seemed endless, seemed to stretch and pull in front of Tim's eyes, and he was suddenly aware of how hard his heart was pounding in his ears, how, under every sound and silence there was this ringing, this never ending pulsing buzz. The mask grew hot and sticky, and he felt for a moment as if he'd never be able to pull it off again it was rising up again and no, Tim, you can't tackle Jay you need to talk to him he needs to trust you but the flight-or-fight was kicking in and suddenly he crashed into Jay, an action that both broke him out of his strange (though not unfamiliar) trance as well as made his stomach drop. Jay was struggling against him, cursing and fighting. How could Jay trust him now?

Every thump-scud behind Jay fueled another foot to press him forward to some semblance of temporary freedom. He didn't dare to steal a glance over his shoulder, feeling as if the mere visual stimulus would drive his pursuer ever closer. The blurring hallways round around him infinitely, a perfect metaphor for his thoughts. How long would he have to run before he could turn to fight? How long could he run? Panic, the only comrade remaining, offered a shoulder, but Jay refused. Instinct screamed, one last corner. Don't look, don't think of anything, especially the fact that the thud-scuds had ceased. Nothing but reaching that corner. Unfortunately, the corner reared up at him faster than he anticipated, followed the floor. The weight that grappled around him took his breath, stunning him momentarily. Once Jay's vision rendered the scene, he had twisted himself around to face his hunter, a raging prey refusing to submit to fate.

The lost prey look in Jay's eye startled Tim, and made him loosen his grasp even further. How could someone who had fought for so long, who had chased and been chased, filmed and been filmed, followed and been followed - how could someone like Jay suddenly look as if he had given up on the world? Perhaps he'd underestimated Jay. Perhaps Jay wasn't as strong as Tim needed him to be. He felt a flash of anger, and quickly tried to tamp it down, lestthemask- take over. He wished he could take it off, but he was still too vulnerable. A double-edged sword to the face. He let go of the still struggling Jay. He had to give him a chance. Jay barely had a clue what was going on, but still it hadn't stopped him from leaving the world he knew behind. All for a friend and a mystery that had tried to kill him ten times over. Tim could almost sympathize, though his entry into this mess had been... different t0 say thelaest.

Tim stood up, groaning as he put weight on his bad leg. Jay had tried to stop Alex from maiming him; He and Jay had hardly been more than friends during the filming, barely knew each other, but he had still stopped Alex-

Jay half-crawled away from him, scrambling to get up. Tim took another step forward, cocking his head slightly as he watched the other man. He tossed the tape at Jay's feet. It read "You need to SEE."

(I realize now I read Nicole's last line wrong. Ignore that, I'll edit it at some point)

: "You need to SEE." Hearing the voice of another human, through the mask, a human he once called an ally if even at a distance, stalled Jay in mid-scramble. The sound triggered a calming mechanism. He needed to hear the sound of familiarity, of living vocal chords, undistorted, unimpeded, and honest. The masked shell in front of him had become human again and, for a moment, Jay felt that lost strand of hope quiver in his chest as if it wasn't all for nothing. Tim (how long had he forgotten it was Tim behind that facade) tilted his head. Benevolence, this was unexpected. Certainly, in retrospect, risking himself for Tim's life should have warranted Jay a dismissal from Tim's stalk list. Of course, Jay had lost that determination that drove him in the past, his fire doused when his memory slipped from his grasp. Why would he expect grace from any vehicle of fate now? But here it stood, motioning to an artifact near his feet. He chanced a glance down. His hope sunk once again into the recently familiarity of dread. A tape.
[01:00] thesparx 2427: It's always another tape. Another clue. Another means to an end he had lost the strength to face. But, was there really another option? Jay drew in a stagnate breath, avoiding the black stare of the mask. "W-what...?" No others words needed to frame the obvious "is this" remnants of his question.

He saw Jay's hesitation. If the man had had any life left, it seemed to have fled in that single glance.Tim read Jay's thoughts with eyes the other man couldn't see into. Given the last footage he had witnessed, what would this contain? At least Jay could be reassured in this: he himself was still alive. Tim's face distorted into a twisted grimace; Jay would feel no better at the end of this. At least not at first. "It's too important to wait." Tim's voice sounded ghastly in his own ears, the sound of snapping plywood and rusty hinges. He and the others barely spoke - they barely needed to. They were, to a lesser extent, the same as him, riddled with riddled minds, half floating in nirvana and half trapped in primordial ooze. It drove most mad, but enabled them to speak beyond words. "I can stay or I can leave. But you must watch."

Jay didn't move. He sat there, looking stricken. Tim could feel him weighing his options. Growing impateint, feeling the maskgrow heavy again, Tim t0(X)k a step forward and leaned towards the tape. Jay stiffened, but did not move as he picked it up and limped back to Jay's open door. He was going to play it, whether Jay wanted it or not. Somewhere in his mind, he knew Jay's curiosity would outweigh his reservations. Hobbling over to the camera, which was plugged into Jay's computer, Tim began to turn the tape over and over in his palm. He picked up the camera with his other hand, looking for an eject button. He did not have the same finesse with a camera as some of the others, nor did he usually care that much. There were more vital things to be done than film, though admittedly Jay and Alex's compulsion for recording had come to his advantage more than once. Still, he fumbled with the camera as he tried to put the tape in, unfamiliarity and a steadily growing hum inside his head making the task difficult.

"I'll do it." Tim, unfazed by any "surprise", handed Jay the camera and tape. He queued it up and pressed play. The screen on Jay's laptop lit up immediately: Rosswood Park, a shot of leaves and Alex's feet. Alex's voice, which made Tim suddenly want to turn and strangle the nearest livingbieng "How long does it take you to change a single tape, Jay?" Caustic, condescending. "There's something wrong with the one I put in my camera," Jay said. Clearly a lie, as the footage rolled smoothly. He must have found some way to hide the fact that he was recording from Alex. "Fine," Alex grumbled,"Just deal with it later. Come on." Jay's camera wobbled a bit here - whether it was because of the motion involved in standing up, or because of some unknown mix of fear and victory (having duper Alex so easily), Tim would never know. They two men in miniature tromped through the forest for another 5 minutes, Jay letting the camera swing naturally, as if it were just some useless object in his hand. The camera continued to pan up and down the trees, up and down Alex's legs. Tim wanted to hurl himself at them, feel thme snaP- he dug his nails into his plam. Concentrate
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