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Delving Into OCs [X-Men]
09-26-2011, 03:35 PM
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Delving Into OCs [X-Men]
Katie and I decided to really work on two of our OCs that needed work by having an X-Men RP based on the First Class movie.

Here is KATIE'S first post:

The sun was high, almost perfectly centered in the sky. A cool breeze blew making the clouds drift lazily by and the early fall leaves to shake.

A low, constant purr thrummed in content deep in her chest, as she lay sprawled out in the grass. She had just eaten, a rather large badger, and was snoozing while she digested. She stretched, the claws in her hands and feet flexing in the air before flopping back to the ground.
animationmutant: Her eyes flitted open as she watched the clouds through the tree branches. A bug of some sort buzzed in her ear, it being flicked away. It came in for another attack, only to be flicked again by her ear. The third time had the humanoid rolling over and pawing at the tiny nuisance.

As she pinned it to the ground, driving it into the dirt, as a sound caught her attention. It sounded like a footstep. Not like one she had heard before though…

There it was again.

She sniffed the air, her fur stiffening as she smelled not one, but three humans within the area. She knew there were small homes where humans would live, but they had been empty when she came into the area two weeks ago. They had been empty when she sniffed around it just a few days ago. She figured they were abandoned.

She rose from her spot and began to move away from the sounds, hoping to get a good distance before they got too close to her position.


She halted. That sound was too close for comfort.
animationmutant: She bolted just as a gun shot echoed through the trees, pelting the ground where she once stood. Another shot rang past her as she twisted through the trees. She could hear them falling behind quickly as she tor at the ground to increase the distance.

She started to slow to gain her bearings when a sharp pain ripped through her left leg. She screamed in terrible pain as the metal teeth dug deeper into her calf. She had seen things like this, seen an animal trapped in one and in vast pain. She had eased its suffering and ate it as a meal. She knew humans set them; they reeked of their stench.

Now that she was caught in one, what was to happen to her? She tried prying it open, pulling it from the ground, nothing she tried would make it budge. If anything, it seemed to dig deeper into her leg.

She whimpered pathetically as she grabbed for a large stick that was just out of reach. She grunted in frustration as she only swatted it farther away.

Her head jolted up as she heard the three humans getting closer. She began growling, standing on her back legs as best she could to be a little more intimidating.

She was going to die there, she knew it, but she going to take at least one of them down before then.

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09-28-2011, 02:05 PM
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RE: Delving Into OCs [X-Men]
Havoc's grin was convincingly suspicious. Charles was exceedingly tempted to take a peek into what the young man had in mind when he answered so readily in favor of yards keeping during the distribution of chores.

"You're certain you can handle it, Alex?" the man in the wheelchair asked, cocking a brow.

"No prob," the blonde's grin widened, "So I can take care of it any way I choose, right?"

"Certainly-" A quick glimpse of the scores of trees and dignified bushes around the facility sliced and burned by over glorified fiery hoola-hoops during an impromptu target practice danced across Charles' mind, "-not. I'd much rather you on dish rotation, if I'm honest."

A beat.

"No, you will not play skeet with the china."

The young man in question shrugged his shoulders under the disconcerted glances of his two other peers, sitting in chairs strewn around the stately library of Xavier's heirloom mansion. To Charles' right, Beast, once hunched over personal notes at a small wooden table, leaned back with a small grunt, clearing his throat, "Not to disregard our purpose here, Professor, but can we really take care of this entire facility with just the four of us?"

Banshee, sitting comfortably backwards in a small chair, chimed in in agreement, "Yeah, I mean, it's not even four since you can't-" The ginger curtailed his train of thought once his fore-brain caught up with his mouth. He averted his gaze to the wooden floor. "... sorry."

Drawing in a breath, Xavier pushed down on the wheels of his chair in the direction the large library window. The distant dish still faced the mansion in view. "That'll soon change, Hank. This institute is nothing without students. I guarantee we will be a class of four for only a short while."

The student trio exchanged glances, behind their professor's back.

"How? That cerebellar-or-whatever-thing was shredded to dust back at the CIA department," Havoc asked, ungracefully.

"Cerebro," Beast quipped, without looking up from his notes.

Charles swung his wheelchair about-face, making eye contact with his students, "Which is why your first assignment will be a group project." He grinned, "I do hope you're all kinesthetic learners."

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09-28-2011, 03:09 PM
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RE: Delving Into OCs [X-Men]
She hissed and growled at the unknown noises around her, being nothing but terrified since awoke. She tried to dig her claws into the small box she found herself in, trying to keep from sliding around and banging into the walls, but to no avail. The wooden container was jostling her around too much to get a proper grip.

She told herself that she could break though easily, however, her injured leg kept her from doing much of anything. She was hurt bad, from what she could tell the bone was exposed. She had had such an injury in the past, lunging off a cliff edge and coming up too short to reach the other ledge. She had shifted into a random form after breaking her arm, the bone setting itself back into place. She just couldn’t do much with it until a few days had past.

She wasn’t too sure on if this injury would be so quick to heal, as the bone seemed to have splintered. She wasn’t too keen on shifting now with such an injury with how she was bouncing around.

It was well past nightfall by the time the crate had stopped moving so violently and picked up pace. She sniffed through the small gaps, wishing that the little rays of sun would come back through. They were comforting in a way. At the moment, she couldn’t even see the moonlight and she couldn’t smell anything but something horrid.

She curled around herself now that she wasn’t being rammed into the walls. She was scared, more then she could ever remember being. She licked her wound as she wondered why those humans hadn’t killed her. They had shot at her feet, making her fall back and began yelping to one another. They had made a lot of noise. She knew one had hit her from behind, knocking her down, then the others started to whack her with the end of their sticks until she had passed out.

She snorted away some dirt as the box slowed to a stop then continued on. Her eyes stung with fatigue, but she didn’t want to sleep. Not, until she was safe. She was too tired to shift to try and fix her leg if it would be at all possible in its condition.

She snorted again to keep her eyes from closing, but knew it was a loosing battle. She finally surrendered as the box began moving quicker.
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09-28-2011, 04:09 PM (This post was last modified: 09-28-2011 04:09 PM by ElectricEidolon.)
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RE: Delving Into OCs [X-Men]
twiii-onk ouuk- twiiiiiiiii

Her eyelids twitched briefly.

twii-oooouuunk oooouuuuuuunk- twiiiii-ounk ouuunk- twiiii

Subconsciously, she shifted her head in her arms, turning her face 180 degrees.


Isabella jolted awake, throwing her head and arms back off the cold rubber of her steering wheel. Dazed, she forgot where she was for a moment, tearing about her cabin with her eyes. A bright high-beam of light flickered in her face, reflecting off of her rear-view mirror.


The origin of the light and klaxon-like horn revved it's diesel engine once more, patience obviously waning. The road ahead of her was clear with no sign of the train that had recently halted on the crossing in front of her for maintenance. Calming her breathing, the woman pushed back a lock of rouge blonde hair and adjusted her seat belt, all but slamming her right foot into the gas pedal out of embarrassment.


The compact car's wheels thudded over the railroad crossing, giving the semitruck behind enough distance to swerve past in an angry flurry. Isabella trained her weary blue eyes on the road ahead in the dimming light, ignoring the gaze the driver shot her as he gunned down the suburban highway.

That was the last time she'd go without coffee during a scheduled report. The hum of the car, the motionlessness of the locomotive ahead of her, and the ever constant tinnitus lulled her to sleep at the wheel sooner than she cared to ruminate on. She shook her head. If she hadn't turned her face in her doze, the ringing would have continued to deafen the blaring warning from the traffic behind her. Shuddering, a recollection of a similar yet hairier happenstance reared up in her mind. The last thing she wanted to happen was to have her car door pried open by cops assessing what seemed to be her corpse, sleeping, at the wheel again.


Isabella flinched. Snorting, she threw her turn light on, and made a sudden right towards a local diner, leaving the road and the truck racing ahead in the distance. "Tck, I need coffee."


Isabella drove her car around the corner, out of sight of seeing the impatient semitruck cross paths with another and splinter into fiery debris.

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09-29-2011, 01:40 PM
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RE: Delving Into OCs [X-Men]
The late night air felt chillier then what it really was. Might have been due to the nature of their early return home.

“Dad, you saw how that thing acted when we shot at it. It’ll kill us first chance it gets!”

“Quiet, Brian.”

“You could get mom another lion cub since the last one died! She loved that thing! It was small and wouldn’t try to maul us in our sleep!”


Lucas Shod tor his eyes from the road to angrily stare down at his son. The lines on his face looking deeper in the shadows, making him look much older then forty. He was usually a patient man, being one for quite debate rather then heated yelling. However, the situation he had been in for the past few months was making him more on edge and causing him to lose his patients.

“Your mother wants a new pet, and as a loving and devoted husband, I will give her what she wants!”

“Alright! You’ll give her what she wants! Watch the road!” Brian cringed back into the truck door. He couldn’t really remember a time his father had ever been so angry.

Brian spent the ride watching the scenery of upper-scale New York pass by the window. He briefly wondered if the animal in the back of the truck would suddenly break through its wooden confines and slaughter them. The thought was enough to have him continually glance back into the truck bed to see if the wood was beginning to splinter. Fortunately, it was quite; had been for a while.

It was close to midnight by the time they exited the main road and turned off onto a small dirt road. They passed a wide field of sleeping cattle, pulling up to a large farmhouse.

“Brian, stay in the car unless I say otherwise.”

He didn’t give him a chance to answer as he briskly walked up the cobblestone path and loudly banged on the door, immediately causing a dog to start barking. Several moments of passed until a light came on in a second floor window and the barking was quieted to low ‘woofs.’

An elder man answered the door, angrily muttering curses under his breath as he cocked a shotgun.

“Whoa there, Allen! It’s me, Lucas!”

Allen squinted his eyes through the screen door as he dug into his robe pocket. Pulling out a pair of glasses his face turned to a sneer as his eyesight cleared.

“Lucas Shod! What are ya’ doin’ here at this godforsaken hour!? Can’t ya’ leave an old man in peace! What ya’ want?”

“I’m here for the rest of what you owe me-“

“You bigot! Judge said I don’t have to pay ya’ back the rest for anotha’ month! Don’t you dare think ya’ can come here without the court knowin’ ya’ here! Get off my property before I fill ya’ full’o lead!”

“Allen, if-“

“That’ll be Mr. Bucker to you, ya’ swindler of a rich man!”

“Mr. Bucker, if you do me a favor, the debt you owe me will disappear.”

“Oh no! Me doin’ you a ‘favor’ got me in this mess! I want nothin’ to do with whatever it is you need! I’ll pay in money an’ be done with you!”

“All I need you to do is to look at an injured animal I have in the back of my truck.”

He started to close the door. “Then take it to a veterinarian.”

“It’s big, and a bit on edge. I don’t think anyone at an animal clinic would be qualified to handle it.”

The old farmer stopped, giving Lucas a hard look. “And what makes ya’ think I’m qualified?”

“You’ve handled bigger animals, like your cattle. Don’t tell me you can’t control your cows?”

“Cows are fine. It’s the bulls that a pain in the tookus.”

“Then what’s the problem? It’s got a broken leg. All I need for you to do is patch it up.”

Allen raised a brow, now pretty sure to what this was all about. “What ya’ do this time to get booted to sleein’ on the couch?”

“That’s none of your business, old man!”

Allen barked out a laugh at seeing such a composed man snap. Thinking on it, he probably made his wife incredibly angry for him to be this wound up.

“Well, if it gets me out of payin’ that hunk of money and no strings are attached, bring the thing inside and I’ll set up.”

“Much thanks, Mr. Bucker. You might want to sedate it. It’s a little feisty.”

Lucas all but skipped back to the truck, opening the passenger door as he passed. “Come help me unload it, Brian.”


“Mr. Bucker is going to patch it up for us. Now, come me get it inside.”

“You can’t be serious. Why couldn’t Uncle Rob come to help you?”

“Well, Uncle Rob got his arm hurt real bad from this thing, so he obviously can’t lift anything for a while.”

“Why can’t we just shoot it and sell its body to science?” Brian asked as he hopped out of the truck. “I’m sure they’d have a ball with thing! And it’s be safer to be around, since it’d be dead-“

“Brian! I am not going to say it again! Get over here and help me get it into the house!”

They both jumped as a low growl sounded from the crate. They were still for a moment before Lucas motioned for his son to come over and help lift the crate. As nervous and against being anywhere near the animal as he was, he managed to help his father relocate to heavy crate to Allen Bucker’s kitchen.

“All right, Shod. Take it out and put it on the table.”

“You might want to sedate it first.”

“I’m not goin’ to unless I have to. We’ll tie its feet together, now put it-“

“You might want to sedate it first.”

Allen shrugged and pulled out a needle attached to a short pole, already filled with fluid.

“Now,” he started as Lucas and Brian began to open the crate. “I’m not goin’ to give it much, since I don’t know how big it is, and I don’t wont to kill it.”

He glanced inside the darkened structure once it was open, seeing a furry back. He carefully positioned the pole, not wanting to startle the apparently sleeping creature. He lunged the pole forward, the needle sinking in as the creature let out a loud screech. It wiggled in the confined area, breaking the needle as its pupil-less eyes landed on Allen. It hissed and began to crawl forward, its movements already sluggish from fatigue and blood loss.


“G-give the anesthesia a moment to kick in.”

It was halfway out of the crate, growling and snarling as it’s front limbs gave out from underneath it. It fell lighting huffing as its eyes rolled in its head, falling into a deep slumber.

“My God… What the hell did you bring me?”

They pulled the animal fully onto the table rolling it to its back. Its tan fur was grimy and covered in muck, the fur on its head being longer and a multitude of earth toned colors.

“I looks almost… human…” Allen fingered around its face and shoulders, pulling at its low set ears. He poked around at it for several long moments, his examination ending at its tail.

“Any idea to what it is, Allen?”

“Not a clue. But, I’m assumin’ it’s female. It’s got breasts and curves like a woman. This is-“

“Allen.” The older man glanced up from looking at its teeth. “I need its leg fixed, preferably before it wakes up.”

“Ah… right…” He moved over to its leg, which had dried blood caked all around it. “Did you not try to stop the bleedin’?”

“No. Will it die with the amount it lost?”

“I’m hoping it doesn’t die from the sedative I gave it with the lack of blood.”

He gently wiped away the blood and grim from the wound, the red giving way to a white area.

“Ugh. It that its bone?”

“No, Mr. Brian, that is a tendon. From what I can tell the break isn’t bad, probably more of a fracture. Hm… Looks like it’s already healin’ well… I’ll wrap it, but it shouldn’t be on this leg for a good week.”

“You’ll be lending us tranquilizers, yes?”

“Wouldn’t dream of not givin’ ya’ any. Ya’ really goin’ to give this thing to your wife? Might be better to give it to some science people.”

“No, I think Carol will love it. And I’d rather you not say anything about it, Mr. Bucker.”

“'Course. Mums the word, Shod.”
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10-04-2011, 02:58 PM
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RE: Delving Into OCs [X-Men]
He knew it was illogical. He knew it was futile. Heck, he knew it was irrevocably dumb, but he still tried.

Charles glared down at the numb appendages that used to be deemed his legs, willing them to move, to feel. He wasn't sure if he had reached the full capacity of his own mutated power, but a shred of false hope suggested that his telepathy was strong enough to force himself to walk again. He focused on envisioning the sensation of walking, strolling down the stage after being certified a professor, running, training with his students not long before, dashing to stop his friend from killing innocents-

He sighed inwardly. It was just false hope after all.

Charles wheeled back, pulling away from the incomplete chess game gathering dust on the table in the center of the room. A clock on the wall read “11.23 pm”, though he kept his back to it. Down the hall of the open door, Shawn’s snoring echoed like engines revving through a tunnel. It was late and bed beckoned. However, the long lists and papers upon his desk beckoned with finality.

Though he and his students began the long journey of building the next Cerebro mechanism, there was still a great deal of time before Charles could utilize it to locate the vast array of mutants he was privileged enough to catch a glimpse of before. Here and now more old-fashioned techniques were to be had if the Institute for Higher Learning was to have a student body count totaling over four.

Sleep was quickly becoming secondary.

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10-04-2011, 04:18 PM
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RE: Delving Into OCs [X-Men]
Allen Bucker sat in his small study, sinking into the plush armchair as he thought on the past few days. The creature that sodding rich Lucas Shod brought to him to have fixed had him questioning if keeping it quiet was a smart thing to do. That thing had been nasty when it started to come to a few minutes after he had started to wrap its leg.

It was quick and it was dangerous if the state of the kitchen was any indication. Even injured, it desperately tried to shred the three of them. He didn’t know if it was luck or if he was truly being smart that he had prepped another needle of sedative before hand.

Allen rose from his chair and looked out at the pasture closest to him. The small cattle grazed lazily, not a care in the world as he watched them in a distant haze. Shod was a pain in the rear, he’d be the first to tell anyone. The man always had his own agenda and could get away with swindling people in some of the worst ways, as he usually paid people off. He was too smart of his own good at times, which made Allen wonder; why keep such an obviously dangerous animal? Even his wife knew not to keep wild animals past a certain age, or to put them down at the first sign of aggression. Why was this thing different?

He had moved into the kitchen now, surveying the still damaged areas. He eyed the phone no more then a few feet away. Shod had warned him not to say a word to anyone, and he knew that he should heed the younger mans words else he’d find himself back in the courtroom, but…

The phone was ringing before he realized what he was doing.

“Operator, how may I direct your call?”

“I need to get a’hold of a news station in the city. Don’t matter which.”


“Oh, Lucas!”

Lucas turned to find his wife coming from down that hall in a flurry.

“Yes, Carol?”

“Lucas, Dear, Sassy still won’t let me pet her! I’ve done what you told me, but she refuses to see me as her master. I think she may be sick. Do you think her leg is infected?”

“It could be, but I doubt it. She’s been locked up in that cage for a couple of days now and probably wants out.”

“The cage is big enough for her to move around in-“

“But, she may want to run in a more open space, despite her injuries. Remember, I found her in the woods, so there is still much wild in her.”

“I don’t know, Lucas. She still doesn’t seem to like me. I don’t want her roaming around the other room until she’s comfortable. She could even eat one of my other pets!”

“You could try hitting her harder, perhaps even using something a little heavier then what you’re using.”

“I don’t want to hurt her…”

“Carol,” Lucas gently took his wife by the shoulders, giving a loving smile. “You need to discipline her, else she won’t see you as the dominant. How about tomorrow you take to your animal room and just let her run around? I’m sure her leg is well enough by now to allow a little activity. Besides, I’m sure she’d love it.”

Carol smiled fondly up at the man. “Alright. I’ll have a round with her tonight and let her loose in the morning. I just hope she doesn’t eat any of the others in there. I love you.”

“And I love you.” He gave her a loving kiss to the forehead before she turned down the hall. Lucas’s smile turned into an angry sneer. “I just wish that I could trust you.”


She paced in the confined space, tiered from trying to once again break the bars. And once again, she was unable to. This place was a house, humans lived in them, she knew that. She used to live in one when she was much younger, though she didn’t think that it was as spacious as this one seemed to be.

She hated it there, with the ground that made a ‘click’ sound against her claws and was cold, hard, and sometimes slippery. It was either very bright or very dark, the light hurting her eyes. There were such odd smells that made her nauseous from time to time and the sounds from beyond the walls kept her up at night. Her meals were cold and tasteless, even lacking any of the organs that she liked.

The worst part was a human female that would some in and hit her with a stick through the bars, yelling at her. She would lunge at the woman and frighten her, but it only caused her to hit harder. She wanted nothing more then to tear her arms off and beat her with a stick.

The over sized door opened suddenly. She growled and screamed as the female came to her with a bigger stick.
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10-04-2011, 05:11 PM (This post was last modified: 10-04-2011 05:14 PM by ElectricEidolon.)
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RE: Delving Into OCs [X-Men]
The homely diner hummed with the murmurs of life. A light drizzle that had began as Isabella pulled in to park had now orchestrated into a symphony of distant kettle drums on the tin roof. Waiters and waitresses donned in vintage Americana outfits bused between every table, now filled with hungry guests who had escaped the onslaught of rain outside. A high-hanging television across the room filled the air with low sounds during the gaps of conversation between the costumers. Every once in a while, the cash register whirred, acknowledging the authenticity of a customer’s payment. Glasses clinked, utensils chinked, and chairs squeaked. But, above all else, Isabella loved the purr of the industrial coffee maker, brewing black magic just on the other side of the bar.

It was nearing addiction, yes, and she would humbly admit it, but Isabella found the benefits of her lovely coffee comrade to far outweigh the ailments. After all, not many substances could help ease her constant migraine- at least, not many she was willing to take. If she had to contend with the effects of her tinnitus every waking moment, then she would do so with coffee in her corner.

Tinnitus. How many times had she gone to a physician just to hear that word regurgitated back at her once more as if naming it would place a giant band-aid on the problem. Isabella McGregor had dealt with the constant varied twiing and ringing in her ears for the extent of her life thus far, though it only seemed to intensify without warning. It wasn’t age. She could recall a frightful time in her youth when her life was very nearly extinguished by a house fire. Her tinnitus was so absolutely overwhelming, she heard nothing else but it. Not the roar of the house erupting. Not the sounds of glass windows bursting out from the heat and pressure. Not even the shouts of others standing on the perimeter to those still inside. No, her tinnitus was so excruciating, she found her way out of the house safely merely by following a path that would lessen the intensity of the ringing in her head.

Over time, Isabella assumed it to be nerve damage at birth. Nothing else made sense when she took into account that turning her head to have her ears face in different directions varied the intensity of the ringing, even between both ears.

But, no. Tinnitus. No cure. No insurance to cover inspections or scans of the nerves for damage. No, tinnitus.

“A tall black coffee, ma’am,” the handsome young man behind the bar smiled, placing the cup of liquid Eden in front of the daydreaming Irish woman.

At least I still have my fix, she mused to herself, nodding a thank you to him. She promptly wrapped both hands around the chalice of all things good in this world and brought it to her face—

Brrrr Brrrrrr! Brrrrr Brrrrrrrr!

Isabella grimaced, her black nectar of heaven a mere inch from her lips.


Jutting her jaw forward in annoyance, she placed the cup back down on the bar and fished out her cell phone. The caller ID announced Peter Douglas, her supervisor and boss. Isabella rubbed the bridge of her nose, submitting to her fate, and flipped the cell open, pressing it to her ear.


“McGregor, are you busy at the moment?” Her boss sounded excited.

She hated when he was excited.

“Well, I’m actually-“

“Rather, are you still in the downtown vicinity because we need you and Kline back here right now.” It was a statement rather than a question. “Just got a lead on something I need you to cover. Right now. We were the first news cast to be informed and we will not let the others catch wind before we’re long gone and rolling in information, understand?”

Isabella gritted her teeth once, the pulsations from her migraine making her eyes hurt. This was the last thing she needed, but the money from the overtime was the first thing she needed.

“Yes, I’ll be there. Just let me-“

“Good, get Kline too. It’s best if your cameraman went with you, and all the others here are either on crew at the moment or have already headed home. See you in a bit, McGregor.”

Oh, so they head home just fine. She sneered inwardly as she clapped the phone shut and shoved it back into her purse. Her eyes landed on the coffee still steaming on the bar.

This better be the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had.

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10-06-2011, 04:22 PM
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RE: Delving Into OCs [X-Men]
Her eyes rolled in their sockets as the haze of her brain began to clear. Blobs of color swam into her vision as she sat up, several familiar smells of the outdoors wafted through her senses. There was also something missing, the weight of the white thing that was once stuck to her leg was gone, much to here relief. It was unbearably itchy. Once she became more aware, there were other smells that were new to her, plant and animal alike.

She stood straight, something she had not done since being captured and marveled at the array of life that surrounded her. Tall, spiny looking trees mixed with draping trees toward over her. An assortment of small ground plants dotted around the area, one of which had a small creature she had never seen before poking its head out.

Almost immediately her hunting instincts kicked in. It wasn’t until she was crouched on the ground did she notice two smells: the first being the ground, which she then felt. It was hard and cold, like with the cage she had been in. The second was the female human who enjoyed constantly tormenting her.

Smelling her foul stench made her think back on how she came to be here. She was just waking from a light doze, when a human came and jabbed something sharp into her side. She had lashed out before he could pull back, catching his arm. She began to feel light headed shortly after, then promptly passed out.

They had moved her, not outside though. Not to freedom. Just to another cage that looked like freedom. But, this was a much larger space with no bars that she could tell.

The female human was coming closer; she could hear her loud movement. She came into view, smiling widely as she made noises that she couldn’t understand. She snarled at seeing the large stick. The human became startled and raised it slightly.

It was all the invitation she needed to throw herself forward.
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10-07-2011, 02:10 PM (This post was last modified: 10-20-2011 01:45 PM by ElectricEidolon.)
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RE: Delving Into OCs [X-Men]
"I'm sorry, Ma'am, but no one is to cross onto the active crime scene."

Isabella could smack the poor young cop, but his respectful air stayed her hand. "I literally was just called to come do this story. I know it wasn't a crime scene then," she rationalized. There was a tug on her arm.

"There is now apparently. Let's just go back to the van and phone Peter, Izzy. Nothing to do here now with this story- not to Peter's standards anyway." An Italian man hoisting a camera upon his shoulder pulled on her arm with his free hand. Isabella could tell Giorgio Kline wanted to return to his home no less than she wanted to have had her coffee in peace.

Isabella glanced back to the expansive mansion sprawling before her, swarming now with NYPDs buzzing around and beyond a foreboding yellow tape barrier. "The least we can do is report on the incident, Giorg. I want my overtime if I came out all the way out here, and I won't see a cent of it unless we return with something," she stated while biting her bottom lip irritably.

Kline paused mid-about face and studied his partner's eyes. Rolling his own, he shifted the weight of the camera back around. "Fine, get your lapel. I want to get back to my wife's apple pecan pie before the kids devour it."


The dome was beginning to take shape. A few weeks of idle hands between training sessions had done good to reinvigorate Hank's desire to invent. A few weeks of isolation within such a small group of people had done good to urge both Sean and Alex to help Hank with the manual labor, sharing the hope with their professor that they wouldn't be the only three students in the Institute.

Wheeling onto the single platform, the seemingly only complete element of the project, Charles removed the three boxes from his lap and placed them on a table next to a small monochrome television set droning on into background white noise. Hank looked up from a crude cannibalized circuit board, "That was fast..."

"Alex drives with as much vigor as a professional," Charles stated, turning to retrieve more packages as the driver in question strolled past, arms full of the same, "Unfortunately that's where the similarities stop."

Alex tossed his professor a wounded glance, "Hey, I got us past that accident in one piece and in record time!"

"You also caused it," the professor replied, already out in the hall for more boxes.

Sean peered around a panel he had been building, tapping his forehead with a screwdriver, "I'll ride with you, but remind me never to drive on the same stretch of road as you." He ignored the sarcastic sneer the blonde aimed at him, instead focusing on the newly arrived boxes. "How long is this going to take, you think?" Sean asked over the obnoxious noise his screwdriver made as it ripped across the tape on one of the parcels.

"Even longer if you continue to open that. Those pieces shouldn't be exposed to light or humidity."

Halting mid-tear, Sean uneasily pulled the screwdriver out and attempted to coax the sheared adhesive strips back together, "Whoops. Sorry." With nothing to do now sans continue the panel construction project he had been addressing for hours, Sean felt he no choice but to take a television break. Unfortunately, the only station the vintage set could strain to intercept was the one local station of nearby uptown New York. As if that wasn't exciting enough, it was the top of the evening hour; prime time for the local news. At least the accent of the reporter was enough to keep his attention focused. He could act as if the report was too enthralling to go back to building panels.

"These should be the last of the load," Xavier stated, wheeling in behind a much larger stack of boxes than in his previous delivery, "What say you three about a quick reprieve?"

Alex chuckled, "You mean the one Sean is already enjoying?"

"SHHUSH," the guilty hissed, pretending the news report was far too important to be deemed otherwise, "This Irish woman is talking about some animal's rampage after it escaped a zoo- or was caught in central park- or..." His voice trailed as the reporter spoke for him.

"-ribed as a scene ripped from the pages of a Grimm Tale, with casualties, gore, and a raging beast of humanoid proportions. Authorities have confirmed the death of a Carol Shod who was brutally mauled by the creature within her home. She died of massive blood loss from the attack. The Shod home is currently barricaded by police and the human-sized creature has been locked in the original room it was brought to heal in, we're told. Eye witness accounts have been skewed between that of a large wild cat, a demonic dog, and a human-shaped being with fur or horns. We're now waiting for any updates on this bizarre case of a attack where domestic meets wild, though the lines between human and beast are blurred. Until then, Isabella McGregor."

The screen flashed away from the blonde reporter standing in the fading light of the evening back into the cozy newsroom hub.

"Human-sized creature with fur?" Alex looked back at his blue colleague, who had stopped tinkering to listen to the report, "Jesus, Beast, what have you been up to in your spare time? Sounds like you've got a friend... out there..."

All eyes moved from the TV to Xavier.

"What do you think, professor?" Sean dared.

Xavier contemplated a moment. Even without the Cerebro in working order, something told him this was no mere animal in question. Perhaps this was a +1 to the team.

"I think it's the only lead we have at the moment," he wheeled in reverse and moved towards the exit, calling over his shoulder, "Sean. Alex. Let's leave Hank to his masterpiece in peace and pay the Shod residence a visit, shall we?"

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