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Delving Into OCs [X-Men]
10-23-2011, 01:35 PM
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RE: Delving Into OCs [X-Men]
She snorted at the limp body, taking hold of the woman’s arm and shaking it around until it finally pulled free from the rest of the body. The torturous female human was finally dead, easily torn apart without the safety of the cage bars between them.

She contently munched on the human meat, watching as the other inhabitants of the room tried to move around without being noticed. She honestly would have preferred to eat one of them rather then the human, but there was a sense of satisfaction from devouring her tormenter.

It was not her first time eating human, and the bland taste reminded her why she usually avoided doing so. Her first experience was with a human that seemed to have gotten lost in a mountainous area during heavy snowfall. She was hungry and he was the only thing she had seen for about a week.

Heavy footsteps echoed from beyond the walls, causing her to cease cleaning her hands and face. She growled as she watched the young human male cautiously step around what was left of his mother. She could smell the fear the flowed from him as she came into view on her hind legs, some blood still staining the fur around her mouth.

He ran just as she lunged forward, she slamming into the wall as she slipped in the blood. He had darted into the plants just as she had regained her footing, tearing after him. She paused after coming to another wall, sniffing at the air. He was just here, where did he go?

Her fur stood on end in paranoia of being watched in the confined space. The human boy was here, she knew it. She needed to find him and tear him open for shooting her. With a scream of fury, she began to tear apart the enclosure.
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05-19-2012, 01:12 PM
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RE: Delving Into OCs [X-Men]
Steam swimming up from the black coffee felt breathtaking on Isabella's lips. The chill that clawed through the air after the sun retreated behind the distant cityscape had only made her migraines worse, and the constant blinding red and blue from the cop cars didn't help. She watched the steam drift up against her driver side window and leave a misted imprint. If she had to wait any longer here, at least she could spend it locked in her car behind tinted windows with her messianic drink, away from the frigid and the lights.

Peter had phoned again moments after Kline had cued her that her live report was through and the audience was back with the cozy anchors in the newsroom. He insisted on the two-man crew stay put until the "excitement" died down. Kline had cursed under his breath, but even he could admit this story was shifting in intensity with each passing minute. They both hoped their fortune would also shift and they'd it was all a hoax, a faux or hound of Baskervilles, just so they both could go home for the night.

The in-human snarling roar that erupted from within the mansion jerked Isabella out of her daydream and nearly jerked her coffee across her charcoal grey slacks. Her car door swung open allowing a gale of biting chill and Kline shoved his face in front of hers.

"That's our cue- just bring it with you," He tossed her the lapel before she could place her coffee down. He shifted allowing her to see the scene of cops scrambling on the lawn of the mansion. Inside the mansion, the sound of glass shattering and limestone impacting wooden floors replaced the air once the roar died down.

No, they weren't going home any time soon.

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06-19-2013, 05:36 PM
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RE: Delving Into OCs [X-Men]
(Wow. Been a while!)

Brian Shod flinched back as the door rattled and groaned, the animal making hellish sounds as it rammed into it. His legs wouldn’t move; couldn’t move. His mother… seeing her in pieces made his stomach lurch.

He had killed before, yes, during hunting trips with his father and uncle, but those were animals. Mindless things that were only good for fur and meat. This was his mother.

“Brian!” He turned sharply, his fathers voice snapping him out of his mild daze. He was coolly loading a shotgun. “I need you to go and bolt yourself in the guest room, close and lock all the doors on your way. Apparently someone told a reporter about our new family member. The police have been called and a larger force will be here shortly to deal with it.”

Brian didn’t speak, but he wondered. Wondered why his father seemed so calm after his wife was so brutally murdered by a crazed animal that he brought into the house.

A yelp escaped his throat as the door jolted, the strong wood cracking. It was going to get out!

“Boy, don’t stand there! Go!” Lucas all but tossed his son by the back of his shirt down the hall.


“Now!” He cocked the shotgun for emphasis. Brian hesitated for just a second before taking off.

Lucas let out the breath he had been holding. His son was innocent in all this stupidity that his mother had caused. Being the animal obsessed woman she was, looked down on his hunting habits, saying that animals shouldn’t be killed, but loved.

He had laughed her off at first, and started taking Brian with him on his trips. It was good for the boy to learn. Well, until he noticed that money that he set aside just for hunting trips suddenly began disappearing just as quick as he was putting it in.

Turns out his dear Carol had been taking the money out of his hunting account and instead donating it to animal saving based programs and charities. When he confronted her she merely threatened to expose all of the paying off and blackmailing he had done for so many of his court cases in order to win. She had threatened his hobby, and then she threatened his job and livelihood. He wouldn’t stand for it.

He eyed the damaged door for a moment. It was quiet now, the beast seemed to have wondered from it, as there was no shadow under the door. It had served its role, and now needed to be dealt with. He’d walk away a hero for slaying such a monster.

He griped the door handle, listening for any sounds on the other side. He did hear something. It sounded like hooves… approaching quickly. Too quick for him to move in time.
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06-19-2013, 06:44 PM
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RE: Delving Into OCs [X-Men]
“Moments ago, the activity inside the Shod mansion heated up once again, as the sounds of splintering wood echoed out across the lawn. We are receiving unconfirmed reports that the animal inside has moved from the isolated location in which the police where trying to surround and contain it. We-“

Isabella grimaced and plugged her open ear with her finger, a futile effort. Tinnitus was striking yet again. What now? She straightened and continued.

“We are currently on standby as the police reconvene a tactic to enter the building and remove the family within without confronting the animal.”

An irritatingly chipper voice piped in through her earpiece acknowledging her update, but she paid it little mind. The audience would of course be fooled by her plastic rehearsed smile-and-nod, thinking she gave the camera her undivided and professional attention. Truth was, however, she was peering off in the direction of the tinnitus: a newly arrived vehicle. It paused a moment, idling next to their van. Another station to arrive on scene? No doubt incurring all the external info they could before trying to upstage Isabella and Kline with their own scoop.

Without warning, the vehicle sped off in the direction it had been heading, following the road that eventually disappeared behind the trees of the estate. Perhaps the reporting team saw it was completely at a loss and behind the scoop after all.

“What are you smiling about?” Kline lowered the camera, as the red indicator shut off, the audience once again snug back in the anchor room and listening to lottery numbers, “That’s no usual ‘stick it to you Peter’ smile. What did you see?” He followed her gaze, but the vehicle was long gone.

“I think I just saw our competition give up,” she huffed contently.


“Alex, you definitely hit a squirrel.”

“Sean, I DID NOT hit a squirrel. It was an exposed tree root.”

Sean slammed the door shut and wafted the dust from the road out of his face. “Exposed tree roots don’t squeal!”

“That was YOU squealing, carrot top!”

“Boys, voices down,” Xavier rolled around the side of the vehicle to a stop in front of the two students who promptly did as he asked. “We will need to be as swift as possible. There is no need for either mutant or police to lose a life tonight. If we are too slow, we could accidentally incite the law enforcement to attack. You must do as I instruct the moment I instruct it, understood?”

The two exchanged arduous glances, then nodded.

The mansion was approximately 100 yards through the trees from where they had stopped. They needed to move quick if they were to locate the troubled mutant before the situation became unruly.

Xavier only hoped it wasn’t too late.

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06-19-2013, 07:44 PM
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RE: Delving Into OCs [X-Men]
The creature licked the drying blood off of her hands as she made her way down the hall. She had dealt with two of her captors, now she just needed to find the boy. She could smell his scent all over the building, much like the man and woman’s, along with many others. She dropped to all fours, moving quicker.

There were closed doors all around her, one she approached, a memory coming to her from the ground angle. She stood and took the handle, turning it. Yes, she remembered this. This is how doors are opened. But, this one wouldn’t budge. She snarled in irritation. This was a way out! Why couldn’t she be let to leave?

No matter. The boys’ scent was stronger in the other direction. Turning the ball on the other set of doors, she found that it wouldn’t budge either. Doors that wouldn’t open when she knew that was their function: intolerable!

She ran to the opposite side, her bones clicking and snapping as she did, tan body fur shedding to new dark grey fur, head hair growing several inches, adding to the mass of earth toned strands. Her claws formed into hard digits as her head stretched, forming coiled horns.

She hated this, being confined. She hated being around humans. She wanted out. Find and kill the boy so he couldn’t hunt her again, and leave; never looking back.

She launched at the door. It gave and splintered, but not enough. She turned, sprinting to the other end again, pushing off the wall as she bolted through the door. She found herself in a long hallway line with windows and a glass door to the woods behind the house. Yes. That’s her way out.

Movement at the other end caught her attention. The boy.

He stood at the other end in the middle of a wide doorway. He looked angry, determined even, but she could smell the terror. Good. Her bones popped as she began running, looking more feline again. The boy’s fear grew the closer she got. He still didn’t move as she leapt for him.

He ducked.

She screamed in furry as she slide across the floor, the boy slamming the doors. She righted herself preparing to ram it as she had done the others. Upon hearing something sliding across the floor did she pause. Light was blocked from the beneath and above the door. Another scrapping sound. He was blocking the door! No! This room had no other way out!

She bleated, bolting head first into the thick wood.
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06-19-2013, 08:22 PM
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RE: Delving Into OCs [X-Men]
The cry echoed across the lawn, bouncing back into the foothills below the estate. The entire congregation in front of the mansion turned to the house in one unified motion.

It took a few nanoseconds longer for the sound to reach Isabella’s ears. After all, she had already taken it upon her self to follow the trail of the vehicle that had sped off earlier towards the woods. After it dawned on her that the rival reporting team might have been driving around for a new angle, she had decided to intervene.

The sound ricocheted through the trees. Isabella titled her head. Certainly she hadn’t heard that correctly.

Was that… a goat?


“Prof, how many animals are we dealing with here…?” Banshee whispered into Charles’ ear once the bleating and splintering of wood died down. They had just rounded the edge of the far east corner of the mansion when the beast inside began to cry out once more.

The professor took a silent moment to access the situation from the confines of his mind. The target in question staggered to its feet- hoofed feet, as it were- after obviously thrusting itself at a closed door fortified with heavy furniture on the opposite side. One human braced the door, shot gun riding its back.

“No animals,” the professor murmured back, “Just one troubled soul and it’s about to take out the last piece of protection between it and a loaded gun.”

Alex started to move towards the heavy French doors that would allow him access onto the scene.

-No!- Xavier shouted within Alex’s psyche, stopping the gung-ho student in his dash. -This mutant is not without its own dangers. It is scared and enraged. We will need to go about this in such a way that no one, including you, gets hurt. Push me to the doors as quietly as you can, but do nothing else until I say.-

As they did so, Charles focused on the mutant. Through a veil of heated terror and raging pain, he sifted for the psyche. The juxtaposing thoughts made it difficult to stay on track, various instincts and mentalities interloping with the main persona. A unifying fear traversed each mental obstacle, leading him like a lifeline finally to a centralized psyche. It- she- was gathering her footing once again to take on the door. Should she reach it, both she and the human would be at high risk of various fatal wounds.

He quickly but gently pressed into her mind.

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06-19-2013, 09:39 PM
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RE: Delving Into OCs [X-Men]
She circled the room at a run, trying to build up momentum. The door was giving, and pushing back the little blockade that had been made. One more hit, maybe two, and she’d be out. She made a beeline for the crumbling exit, only to suddenly find herself not wanting to break the door down.

She slowed almost immediately, lightly bumping into the door, it not giving any. That was strange. Why did she stop?

I don’t want to break the door?

No. That wasn’t right, of course she wanted to break the door! That was freedom! She snorted, but instead of starting again, she calmed farther. She wanted to be terrified. She should be terrified. Something wasn’t right, like there was a little tickle in the back of her head.

In her confusion she subconsciously shifted. Ah, her head was right now, and the almost need to dismember the boy was back in full swing.

She roared, tackling the door only to calm again. She shifted again, becoming angry, then calmed again. Back and forth, back and forth, until she was no longer angry, she was frightened. She didn’t know what was happening.

She was continually shifting now, trying to keep her mind hers. She was by the door; there were voices. She didn’t care about the boy now; she just wanted to go home. She stood, body still pulling in different directions, and forced the door open the rest of the way.

She saw them through the gap. More humans. A couple of them were arguing. One was staring right at her color-changing eye. Him. He was doing this. She hissed loudly as her vocal cords shifted between two animals, making a hellish sound.

She didn’t notice that the others were watching her hidden form. She was watching the man in the chair. He seemed to be becoming more desperate in something, speaking without his eyes leaving hers. It was becoming more difficult to shift as fatigue was wearing on her.

No. They wouldn’t win.

A bear would be big enough.
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06-20-2013, 11:04 AM
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RE: Delving Into OCs [X-Men]
His grip on her psyche was slipping. She was fighting back with proverbial tooth and nail, trying to trust him back out of her sanctuary. Should she shake him loose, the danger would shift from the human on the other side of the door to he and his students.

-Please, don’t be frightened. We’re here to help you. Not hurt you. You want safety and an escape; we can give that to you.-

Xavier locked eyes with the mutant. She had finally spotted him. She had a tangible target.

The rush of fury that pushed back against Xavier nearly cost him his consciousness. This mutant was impressively powerful- and heading directly for he and his students, shifting with a cacophony of bone clacking and tissue ripping, into a very large bear.

A shiver of panic.

If he didn’t stop her, she could easily switch targets to young Alex or Sean. Likewise, they could sense the imminent danger and attack her. A compromise, then.

-BE PERFECTLY STILL.- He roared at the two boys, who were startled by the volume of his command, only briefly, however as the shredding door quickly took precedence. The mutant stood before them, eyes deep and blazing, boring deep into Xavier. Only Xavier. By his design, he forfeited a significant amount of his influence on her mental state in order to cloak the boys as much as he could from each of her senses. This was, of course, at the cost of his own defense.

-See, I am not here to harm you. I can assist you. Calm your mind. Please.- Even he could admit the strain of splitting his telekinesis was adding an extra waver to his voice.

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06-20-2013, 03:00 PM
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RE: Delving Into OCs [X-Men]
She roared as she barreled through the barricade, making a beeline for the man in the chair. She could hear a voice, but she was unable to understand it. After so many years without any human contact she never bothered to speak, soon forgetting the language.

She was calming again, too worn to attempt to clear her head by continually shifting again. She merely lumbered before them by the time she reached them. He was speaking now, the man. She snorted at him, angry that she wasn’t angry, without being angry… She didn’t try to think about it.

Movement suddenly caught her eye. The boy. He stood not too far away, the shotgun on the ground. Though he looked scared, his body seemed more relaxed.

She turned her attention back to the man, whom was speaking again. She snarled, bearing her teeth to intimidate farther. She didn’t know what to make of him now that she stood before him. Why wasn’t he attacking?

She wanted to run off, but seemed relaxed to bother. Not that she would be able to move very quickly in this bulky form. She needed a skin that she was more comfortable in. Now ignoring the man, she shifted into her usual mountain lion fur, grunting in irritation that her thoughts turned docile almost as soon as they were hers again.

Then she heard something. A sneeze. She was taken aback to see two young men suddenly there behind the man in the chair. Where had they come from? Her fur stood on end subconsciously in slight panic. She wanted to leave. Now.

She calmed again as the younger men spoke in hushed tones to one another, the man still trying to talk to her. She eyed them for a moment and then looked to the boy. He was on the ground, asleep by the looks of it. Odd. She rolled her shoulders and head, flexing her toes, seeing if she could still move.

Then walked away.

If they were going to let her leave she would. Especially now since she was no longer interested in mauling the boy. She started for the woods when a voice that was near caught her attention. Ignoring the mans voice, who was still trying to talk to her in vein (and he sounded close which confused her), she moved toward the new voice in odd curiosity.
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